Christmas Cheer and New Year Magic

So yes its been cold – very cold, distracting us from our duties. Anyhow taking advantage of the weather before Christmas, we got in the mood for some ice skating, over at Tower of London, with my baby brother (just turned 21 lol), who put me to shame on the rink. He can skate backwards and he kept taunting me as I attempted too. Still the smarty pants fell over more times than me, and that is all that really matters, hah.

Mark at Tower of London Ice Skating

Challenge 679, 181/1000 complete

Last New Year, Claire and I were kept apart, as I was working all night in the hospital. This year there was none of that, but we were not really up for a full-on event. We decided to head up Primrose Hill, 1/365 1st January 2011first cycling to the Zoo using the very handy Boris Bikes. There were streams of people heading to the top of hill (literally thousands), and so we camped out with some hot chocolate just down from the top, but where we still had a great view of the London Eye. I do not think I have seen so many fireworks go off in all my life, what a spectacular spectacular, and that was from over 3 miles away. Well worth the trip – and keeps us fit too :).

Challenge 931, 182/1000 complete

Today we have just started getting back well into the groove with this project. Claire wanted to go to the Japan Centre on Regent’s Street to get some remade gyoza wrappings for making lunch box snacks with – unfortunately not on our 1000 things to do, but is great if you love making Japanese food. We made a convoluted route, first taking in Fitzroy Square, a fashionable square unsurprising in the middle of Fitzrovia, associated with a number of literary greats. Nothing much special here, though an interesting piece of modern art caged within the gardens is worth a look.

Fitzroy Square

Challenge 575, 183/1000 complete

From there we headed south over Oxford Street, looking for something to drink. Luckily we stumbled on one of the Coffee shops from the book on Ganton Street (just off Carnaby Street) – Sacred. A delightful New Zealand inspired place, with delicious hot chocolate, cute tea pots, and yummy scones with cream and jam. It is very close to Regent Street, a great little place to get away from the chaos that can be found there. Roll on the New Year…

3/365 3rd January 2011

Challenge 852, 184/1000 complete


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