Rock, Sing and Swim

We’ve just completed a beginners climbing course at Mile End climbing wall as Chris’ Grandad bought us vouchers  for lessons – thank you! The course was 3 evenings starting off practising with knots and harness safety we then got onto climbing with and without ropes and covered some basic technique. So now we are signed off as members and are allowed to climb there alone so as we both really enjoyed it we hope to get back there soon before we forget it all!

This is a substitute for Battodo – a Japanese martial art involving swords as I can’t see us really getting into that and rock climbing is something we really wanted to do.

Challenge 709, 170/1000 complete

Dublin Castle Poster 1 One of the gig venues on the list was Dublin Castle so we went there the other week. It was a really odd night. A combination of pretty good music, metal that was a bit too heavy for us and then some Christian rock. This was the weirdist bit and came totally unexpected. The headlining act Firefalldown suddenly decided that they needed to preach to the audience and pray for any non-believers. This left me surprised and annoyed – no matter what my beliefs are I don’t want to be preached at about any religion at a music gig and it pretty much spoilt the night for us.

Challenge 244 & 642, 171/1000 complete

I was at a conference in quite near to Hampton outdoor swimming pool the other week so popped in for a swim there on my way home on Friday morning. We’re a bit spoilt really we are members of the lovely Central YMCA which has excellent facilities and very good changing rooms so its always a bit of a disappointment going to somewhere where the changing rooms aren’t quite up to scratch. With a bit of TLC this place could be great. The staff were very friendly and the pool itself was nice but the surroundings felt tired and a little uncared for. I enjoyed my morning swim outside though and was pleased to have timed it just right so that I left before the children’s swimming lesson started!

Challenge 831, 172/1000 complete



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