One of my last lieu days off

With me starting my new job, a promotion if you like at Great Ormond Street Hospital, I can put behind me both the hindrance and boon that has been my on-call duties with associated lieu days. So taking the opportunity of one of my last lieu days, I headed over to meet up with Claire at lunchtime, and tick off a couple of things in the area.

We first headed over to Hanover Square, close to Oxford Street – a small but pleasant park, a delightful splash of green amongst all the hustle EisenhowerRooseveltand bustle of the surrounding area. We then wandered over to Grosvenor Square, stopping off on the way at Wally’s Cafe for some overfilled sandwiches (a popular place near Handel House which Claire recommends). Now Grosvenor Square is massive compared to the tiny Hanover Square, more in setting with the angular American Embassy that presides beside it. Here we were to see two statues of famous Americans (Eisenhower + Roosevelt) – and grand though they were, the park is the real treat here. A great place to relax, where it is quite quiet and unfussy.

Challenge 577, 858 & 859, 126 completed

In the evening, I again trekked over to meet Claire after work, and we headed over to Hyde Park. Its been great since the clocks have gone forward – the parks stay open that much later, and it feels like Spring has struck. So it was as we enjoyed our walk through Hyde Park, that we remembered that visiting the Albert Memorial was on our list. A small diversion and we there, at a huge golden monument. Massive, imposing, bright, imposing, exotic, fanciful – the adjectives could go on – it is certainly a sight, directly opposite the Albert Hall.  I had never seen it up close, and I was suitably agog – it gave me the impression of a country, of a monarch, once proud and powerful, and not afraid to show it – I only hope Claire’s picture does it justice (it is huge).


Challenge 790, 127 completed

From here we continued onto Kensington High Street and Whole Foods – an American organic supermarket chainWhole Foods, recently exported from the US. We were here to try out various samples of food and drinks – £5 each for 5 drinks (generous half measures of wines, cocktails and a bit of bubbly) and 5 small portions of various different foods – this week examples of Thai food. The food and drink was great, and the place a very interesting shopping layout – very open plan, with hot food (think canteen style) available and a complete mix of shops and bars on the 1st floor. Makes me think that Americans demand a very different type of supermarket – more of an experience and day out than the popular utilitarian UK versions. Definitely worth a look if you ever in the vicinity.

Challenge 721, 128 completed

Now we had planned to go home now, but emboldened byHolland Park our mixture of drinks, we looked up what else we could do from the book – and found some places to eat and drink over in Shepherd’s Bush. So we wandered on through the very pleasantly situated Holland Park, and its crazily noisy peacocks, to the fantastically tasty Indian restaurant Rajput and then after further down the road to the packed Anglesea Arms gastro pub , for a pint before we headed home. Would definitely head back to Rajput, food was so yummy, not too much sauce, and good value too. As for the Anglesea Arms, bit too busy for my liking – more gastro than local boozer. I am sure we will be heading back to Shepherd’s Bush again soon (though maybe not walking all the way this time), as there seems to be lots to do there, and we have quite a few challenges there too.

Challenge 383, 228 & 169, 131 completed



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