Who are we and what are we doing…

When Chris and I decided to move back to London in early 2009 we said that we would only do so if we could live somewhere central. Our other condition was that we had to make the most of what the capital has to offer. So we found a little flat to rent near the British Museum and go to museums and the odd concert or play but we decided that we needed to do more.

The bookI bought my sister a book for her birthday and then decided to keep it (sorry Louise!) as Chris had a great(?) idea. “Lets do everything in the book” he said. The book is Time Out’s “1000 things to do in London for under £10”.

Then today I got an email from London2012 telling me that 31st October 2009 marks the start of the 1000 day countdown to the Opening Ceremony of London Olympic Games in 2012 and asking the question “What will you do in 1000 days?”

So the challenge is to complete Time Out’s list of 1000 things in 1000 days before the London Olympic Games start in 2012.

We will record our journey on this blog with stories, photos and reviews and we hope that family and friends will join us at times along the way.

Claire :o)


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