A few weekends in Brick Lane

We’ve spent a bit of time on and around Brick Lane recently so here is some of what we’ve got up to there.

There are quite a few pubs on the list but so far the Golden Heart on Commercial Street will be remembered for having the most eccentric landlady we’ve come across.

The northern end of Brick Lane is occupied by a plethora of vintage clothes shops.  Although often overpriced I love a good rummage in shops like this and if I was on my own I could probably spend a good few hours there. With Chris in tow (however enthusiastic he might be for a few minutes!) this was not going to happen although he did find a few things to try on we both left empty handed.

One of the things on the list was to go and watch the Boat Race. We decided that an alternative race on the same day might be more fun and headed instead to the Goat Race at Spitalfields City Farm just off Brick Lane. There really were 100s of people there to watch 2 goats, one representing Oxford and the other Cambridge race from their paddock to their barn. Just like in the Boat Race it was to be Cambridge’s day. This was great fun and I’m sure was a good fundraiser for the farm (and ticked 2 off the list for us!)

Goat Race 2
Goat Race 3

Curry on Brick Lane is often regarded as a bit hit and miss but I have to say I’ve eaten at quite a few places there now and always been impressed by the food and the price. Today was the turn of Aladin which proudly has a photograph in its window from when Prince Charles visited. We both had good food and left feeling pleasantly well fed rather than stuffed which was also a relief.

After the curry we headed to Hawksmoor back on Commercial Street for a cocktail. Sitting at the bar we watched the staff putting final preparations together for the dinner service as we read the interesting cocktail menu (lots of interesting background on their cocktails), chatted to the barman and of course drank our cocktails. We recommend here for drinks.

We returned to the area with Chris’ brother Mark to show him a different side of London. First stop was one I’d been looking forward to – eating at Rootmaster which is a restaurant aboard an old Routmaster bus. Its a vegan restaurant and there was plenty of choice on the menu. I had falafel with a lovely salad, Chris had a burger and Mark had the Thai curry. Chris and I really enjoyed the food and would happily return – Mark seemed a bit perplexed at the quantity of vegetables on his plate but as the aim of the day for us was for us to show him something different, lunch on the upper deck of a red London bus fit the bill!


While we were over in the area we went to try out some chocolate at Montezuma’s at Spitalfields all in the name of research you understand! We bought some giant chocolate buttons which were enjoyed by all of us and some chilli dark chocolate for later which Chris wasn’t a huge fan of so I had to eat it all myself!

We went back to Brick Lane again this evening to see the Baishakhi Mela or Bengali New Year celebrations. We missed the parade as I was working but we did get there in time to buy some great food from a stall. We liked it so much we went back to get more! Potato and vegetable cakes, samosas, onion bhajis, spring rolls… yum :o)
Bengali New YearClaire

Challenges  173, 606, 321, 300, 316, 938, 437,  904,

149/1000 completed


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