The Inns of Court and the Huntarian Museum

There are many parts of London that I enjoy wandering and I discovered some new places recently that I would like to share if you’d like to get off the tourist trail. The Inns of Court are hidden away in London and you may be surprised at their size being only just off the main roads but they are worth a detour. You may recognise parts from BBC period dramas as they are often used for filming as they look like they are stuck in a charming time warp especially when the flickering gas lights go on at dusk (if you ignore the posh cars of course). There are 4 Inns of Court in London and every Barrister in England and Wales must belong to one.

Challenges 449, 89, completed 113/1000.

Lincoln's Inn

Lincoln’s Inn is just off Lincoln’s Inn Fields where you will also find the Royal College of Surgeons containing the Huntarian Museum and the Sir John Soane Museum. We left Sir John Soane’s for another day and ventured into the intimidating building to find the Huntarian Museum. I’ve been there before but it was Chris’ first visit. It is a very odd place. When you enter you are warned that there is human tissue on display inside and I wondered how many people reach that point and then decide to leave?  Its an interesting combination of ‘things in glass jars’, the history of surgery, the history of collecting and small art collection. While we were there the visitors included medical students and art students and there are probably not many museums that will be a draw to such different disciplines.

I’m not sure whether I like visiting the Huntarian Museum. The collection is very well displayed and there are some very engaging sections of it. However, although I wouldn’t class myself as squeamish, I find the jars of specimens a little disconcerting and find myself avoiding them. You can avoid them quite well though by going round the outside of the museum so I shouldn’t let this put me off. I do like the history of surgery sections upstairs and I hope that this will be regularly updated to include new techniques and procedures.

Challenges 579, 161, completed 115/1000.



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