Pretty Pictures

Claire is enjoying her new camera, and for this post suffice to say that pictures speak louder than words:

A trip over to Tavistock Square to see Gandhi and Virginia Wolf.

GandiWoolf 2

Browsed some 2nd hand books – get it?


Some yummy peas for dinner.

Peas 1Peas 2

And some naughtiness for afters

Cake 1Cake 2

The next day we started off with some Pie and Mash and Liquor.

Pie and Mash

We failed to go to Bermondsey antique market.

Missing Market

And enjoyed some fine prints, found some lost history, and enjoyed a good pint.

Fashion and Textiles MuseumOld London BridgeRoyal Oak

To finish us off – lets point at something you wont normally see on Blackfriars Bridge.

Blackfriars Bridge

Challenges 457, 456, 43, 510, 229, 113, 724, 970, 989 and 422 completed 141/1000


~ by lethaniol on 08/05/2010.

2 Responses to “Pretty Pictures”

  1. Nice photos Claire.

  2. How come this was sent at 3.11pm. and not 2.11pm as shown. Have you not put your clock forward

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