Friday fun

IMG_3058 There are quite a few theatre performances to go to in the book and we ventured to one of them last Friday lunchtime.  The Bridewell Theatre is just of Fleet Street and is a little theatre with lots of performances on. At lunchtime they have what they call Lunchbox Theatre where for £5 if you pre-book (or £6 on the door) you can watch a 45 minute play whilst eating your lunch. We watched a 80s style performance of the Restoration Comedy The Way of the World. With excellent acting and comic timing interspersed with classic 80s songs and scary shoulder pads. Really good fun.

Challenge 689, 117 completed

Afterwards we popped next door to St Bride’s Church to look at the Roman pavement in its undercroft. There is an interesting little display down there and its worth a visit if you want to know more about the history of the area. Good interpretation panels and quite a few archaeological finds on display as well as little gems of information such as a newspaper report about a man who was arrested for snoring too loudly in church!

Challenge 292, 118 completed

Next stop was a pint and a sandwich at the Viaduct Tavern which, although probably full of bankers in an evening, was nice for a late lunch. Originally a gin bar it was apparently the first public building in London to have electric lighting.

Challenge 875, 119 completed

Just up the road from the pub was Bart’s Hospital Museum. There are loads of medical museums in London and we’ve been to quite a lot of them now. Bart’s was a good one as it didn’t try to hard. Its a small museum and was realistic in the story it could tell which was the history of the hospital rather than trying to explain the whole history of medicine. A good little museum and worth a visit if you’re near by.

Challenge 167, 120 completed

In the evening we went to the Dana Centre. We’ve been meaning to go here for ages and because of this maybe we had too high expectations as we both left disappointed. Based at the Science Museum, this is how they desctibe things on their website “We take a fresh, no-holds-barred look at the biggest issues in science today in our stylish, purpose-built venue in London (UK). Our adults-only events offer you the chance to take part in exciting, informative and innovative nights connecting contemporary science, technology and culture.” Now, this sounds great, and we’re certainly willing to give it another chance, but the event we went to about the future of technology was not set up in a way to suit the “purpose built venue” as in order to see the screen that the speakers were using for their presentations we had to sit with out backs to the speaker – not ideal. I left the evening without learning anything which considering my limited knowledge of technology was pretty poor. However, I was definitely entertained by Rex Crowle and this was one of my favourite image of the evening:

Dana Centre - by rexbox

Challenge 595 & 925, 122 completed

To finish off, something we took a photo of on our City architecture walk because it looked cool without realising it was in the book!
Challenge 556, 123 completed



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  1. Ten days and nothing new. Whats going on.

  2. Blame the new job :P

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