Not London – Scotland

Wow as Granddad has rightly complained it has been months since our last post. That is not because we have not been busy, the challenges are still being ticked off – and these will be updated soon as, but because this blogging lark is so time consuming. From uploading pictures, editing them, writing content, adding links, checking format – it is no easy matter. Makes me what to take up tweeting instead :P (something that may soon be on the way!).

Anyway we recently came back from a walking and camping holiday in the central highlands of Scotland, and thought that it would be great to share some of our fantastic photos (see below). This is both mine and Claire’s first trip to Scotland outside of the cities (apart from snow covered orienteering of mine), and it was fantastic. From the gorgeous Lock Lomond to the tip of the Cobbler (Ben Arthur) it was all fantastic. With generally good weather, beautiful views and challenging walks I wished we could have stayed longer. In particular we enjoyed a walk round the small island of Kerrera (near Oban) which comes highly recommended. All in all it was a cheap holiday, which much to do, that we found thoroughly relaxing – what more could one ask for :P.









~ by lethaniol on 30/08/2010.

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