Sherlock Holmes and more food and drink

Sir John Soane ChurchWhy do I keep getting so behind with blogging? Too much to do? More likely too much procrastinating. So anyway, a Saturday or two ago we set out on a tour of Sherlock Holmes sites around London – some of which were more interesting than others. On our walk to Baker Street we passed one of Sir John Soane’s 18th century churches – Holy Trinity opposite Great Portland Street station. It was here we realised that we’d come out with the camera but left the batteries charging at home. Luckily Chris’ camera phone coped pretty well so we do still have some photos today.

Challenge ,  53/1000 completed

Past Baker Street station and the huge and the huge statue in front and up Baker Street to 221b. There was a queue to get into the Sherlock Holmes Museum so we just had a quick wander around the shop – lots of pipes and deerstalkers as well as books, DVDs and any other memorabilia you could think of.
Sherlock Holemes 1 221b

Challenge 489,  54/1000 completed

Down to No. 2 Devonshire Place where Arthur Conan Doyle used to live and then a short detour off the trail to visit the lovely Daunt Book Shop on Marylebone High Street. This is the sort of bookshop I could have easily spent the afternoon browsing in but we had many more on the list to tick off today.

Challenge 490 and 38,  56/1000 completed

We paused on 9 Queen Anne Street where Doctor Watson lived and then followed the route of a journey that Holmes and Moriarty took in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: the junction of Bentinct Street and Welbeck Street then down to Vere Street where ‘a brick came down from the roof of one of the houses and was shattered to fragments at my feet…’

Challenge 490-493 ,  59/1000 completed

We’d planned a stop at the Mash Micro Brewery on Great Portland Street and were disappointed to find it had close so we popped into the Sam Smith’s pub on the same road for a quick drink instead.

Challenge 117 , 60 /1000 completed

Pretty hungry by this point we headed into Soho to The Stockpot on Old Crompton Street. As you can see from the menu below you got a lot for your money and it was good tasty food.
The Stockpot Menu

Challenge 13, 61 /1000 completed

Revived and back on our Sherlock Holmes we headed down to 12 Burleigh Street where the offices of The Strand Magazine . With nothing to really to see here we were starting to loose interest and Chris suggested we’d have been better staying at home and reading a Holmes book instead. The final stop on the list was a drink at the Sherlock Holmes Pub a place with interesting displays but disappointingly over-priced beer.

Challenge 494 and 495, 63 /1000 completed

Last one of the day was fun though – the smallest police station in London. We knew it was in the south-east corner of Trafalgar Square but that didn’t mean it was easy to find but here it is:

Police Box

Challenge 363, 64 /1000 completed



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