Lebanese and Korean food

On Saturday we went to see the Moctezuma exhibition at the British Museum with Chris’ Dad and his friend. Due to the fact it was the last weekend of the exhibition it was packed but there were some great things to see. Camera CafeWe got the audio guide which I find useful in busy exhibitions in order to switch off from the crowds. I think that the exhibition was really well done and if you’ve missed it then my link above takes you to the British Museum website which still has quite a bit of information and some great photos about the exhibition and the Mexica civilisation.

Afterwards we popped into the on Museum Street for a late lunch. A pretty laid back place in the back of one of the many camera shops in the area, we had to wait quite a while to be served but I think that they would have been happy if we’d have sat there for the rest of the afternoon with a pot of tea. The sandwiches were really tasty though and its certainly a good alternative to the chain coffee shops in the area.

Challenge 967, 47/1000 completed

We headed off into Soho for a a cocktail and spotted another space invader on way to bar. Once you’ve started looking for these they appear to be everywhere!
More Aliens
TCocktails at Floriditahe bar we went to was Floridita a Cuban cocktail bar on Wardour Street. The prices were what you’d expect in the area (about £9 for a cocktail) although if you went midweek you could get better offers I think. Might be of interest to some people that the building was the former site of The Marquee Club from 1964-1988 and was a very important venue in London especially in the 1960s with artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Who and David Bowie all performing there.

Challenge 315,  48/1000 completed

Time to eat (again!) so we headed of to Maroush on Vere Street, just off Oxford Street for some Labanese food. This is one of 10 restaurants in London and on a Saturday evening it was good that we turned up early because without a reservation if we’d have been much later I don’t think we’d have got a table. With plates of hot or cold mezza for £5 or £6 you could have a good lunch of a couple of small dishes to share. However, we ate a lot more than this opting for the set meal for 4 where the food seemed to just keep coming! After a course of cold mezza and then hot mezza I could have gone home feeling like I’d eaten enough but then came the meat course. Chris and I don’t eat very much meat so the sight of a huge platter full of different types of meat (and nothing else) was quite a shock! Somehow we managed to eat this and although the thought of dessert was not very appealing a huge plate of lovely fresh fruit was actually very welcome after all the meat. I think we would return here as its great to know a place you can eat like this just of Oxford Street but we certainly wouldn’t order so much food again.

Challenge 414,  49/1000 completed

On the walk home we passed Barbara Hepworth’s Winged Figure on the side of John Lewis Oxford Street – I wonder how many people notice this as they hurry along Oxford Street?

Challenge 70,  50/1000 completedJohn Lewis Angel

AssaWednesday evening we went for dinner at Assa, a Korean restaurant on St Giles’ High Street. Neither Chris or I had ever eaten Korean food before but we were pretty impressed. We told the staff we were new to the place and asked what they recommended. We ended up with a few small vegetable dishes to start with followed by a spicy seafood and noodles dish for me and Chris had a spicy beef and rice dish. With green tea and a can of coke this all came to £17 – a cheap, quick and tasty meal. Although not the best food we’ve ever eaten in the world it was interesting to try something new and we’ll go back again to try the food that seemed to be cooking on the table in front of you in a pan – which was what most people seemed to be eating.

Challenge 505,  51/1000 completed

After that we went just round the Drink at the 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street. This is on the list a few times for a number of different things. Its a café during the day and bar and music venue at night. With an emphasis on singer-songwriters it has a potential for being a really good local place to go to for gigs and with comprehensive biogs given on the website you can probably pick the type of acts you want to see quite accurately.
12 Bar Club

Challenge 254,  52/1000 completed

We spotted one more tiny space invader on the way home for good measure :o) More and more aliens



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