Some Comedy in Art Town

Last Wednesday we headed over to Shoreditch on the busReliance, looking to be entertained. We started at the Reliance, a very chilled and welcoming pub on Old Street. Though probably packed at the weekend, it felt cosmopolitan and chilled this night, with most people enjoying wholesome looking food in comfy seating – like you get in a good pub on a laid back Sunday afternoon. It was a shame that the jukebox, which we were meant to choose music from, was not piped to the speakers – instead we had Spotify streamed instead. We are now 0/2 on actually really completing our jukebox challenges – maybe we are going to these pubs at the wrong time of day.

Challenge 252, 42/1000 completed


We then headed on our street art tour of Shoreditch. We started by spotting two more little tiled aliens – which keep popping up all over the place. We missed out on the Moona Lisa, which appears to have been painted over, but could not miss the Scary artwork.  After a little searching, we also found some of Shoreditch’s most iconic graffiti – the menacing Kray twins with Tesco carriers and Killer: the London Look (not to mention a monkey with a gun) – I am particularly proud of how these photos came out.

Challenges 233, 236 and 237 , 45/1000 completed

Monkey with GunCrays and Tesco

Killer: The London Look

Finally we reached the evening’s made event – watching some new and upcoming acts at Comedy Cafe. Slightly off put by a sign informing you that you had to buy at least two drinks, we entered with hesitation into this ‘free’ comedy night – please note that booking in the high season would be advised. We need not have worried though, the beer was reasonably priced (especially by the jug) and the food filling – though there was always that slightly commercial feel about the place – shame really, as it detracted from an otherwise fantastic evening.

We got to watch 8 new or upcoming acts (you can tell the difference), 1 returning act from the week before and 1 professional. Rather worryingly the first two acts were not that great – but it soon picked up. There were three brilliant female acts, the professional trying out his new material was great but the winner was a dutch genius of timing – he did not say much, but he was spot on every time he did. With the breaks between sets short and sweet, it was pretty much non-stop laughs (well if you count cringing as laughing too) – a venue we definitely will consider going again I think.

Challenge 487, 46/1000 completed



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