Chinese and jukebox

It has been a long time sinceBaozi I have had good chinese meal – the last being in China back in 2002. I am not a great fan of the western chinese food we get served up here, especially after tasting the wonders of Sichuan cuisine, so much so that I generally avoid going out for a chinese meal. So it was with mixed feelings tonight when we went out to Baozi Inn in China Town, but I should not have worried. The food was fantastic, nothing fancy (buns and noodles is what we had) and tasted just like I remembered from Sichuan province. You will have to forgive the rather surly service and glorification of Mao – a small price to pay for food that I look forward to enjoying again soon.

Challenge 506, 38/1000 completed

We then wandered back through Soho, and went for a quick pint in the Endurance. The main aim was to have a go on the jukebox, and with some great rock, indie and alternative music to choose from it was fun browsing, though sadly it was on random play we think. A lively and upbeat pub with a young crowd, a good place to start a night out – you will have to try to avoid the gaze of the taxidermy though, more at home in a country mansion than a West End pub.

Challenge 245, 39/1000 completed



~ by lethaniol on 14/01/2010.

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