Christmas Challenges

Belated but not forgotten, I blog here two challenges that we completed over Christmas. Zero DegreesThe first was eating out at Zero Degrees microbrewery in Blackheath. Strictly speaking we were meant to organise an actual tour – instead we opted to have some of their wonderful pizzas and bear (no cider for me :(  ) with Claire’s sister and brother-in-law (Louise and Leigh) on Christmas Eve. For both Claire and Louise this was going to be their first Christmas away from home, and so I think they enjoyed this opportunity to get together. We did however get a photo a diagram explaining the whole brewing process if that is of any merit.

Challenge 115, 24/1000 completed

Some of the things to do in our book are very time specific, for example we are currently busy planning when and how to attend a multitude of various cultures’ New Year’s celebrations. Our other Christmas challenge was also very time specific – attending (note not participating in) the Peter Pan Cup Christmas Morning Handicap Swim at the Serpentine Swimming Club. A hundred yard dash, in what can only be described as brisk, if not quite frozen, conditions. Thanks to my Dad for coming to watch too and pick us up in the bad weather – it was certainly an entertaining way to start the days festivities.

Peter Pan Trophy - start

Challenge 657, 25/1000 completed


PS Some of you might be inspired by our wonderful Advent Calender – you can also buy them cheap for next year if you are that sort of weirdly organised person.

lego advent 2009


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