A December afternoon in Richmond Park

Deer in Richmond Park

So here is the beginning of our blogging catch up – we’ve got a little behind…

One Saturday in early December, before the snow started, we spent the afternoon in Richmond Park. Neither of us had been there before but it was definitely worth the trip west. 

The deer were very tame and it was easy to get pretty close to take photos. I would happily go back with my film camera and tripod and spend some time getting some better shots but the one above will do for now.

Challenge 839, 20 completed


Isabella Plantation - Richmond ParkIsabella Plantation

One of the specific places to visit in Richmond Park was the Isabella Plantation. This looked like a very well cared for garden kept in a natural looking state and I would like to visit again at different times of the year. I liked all the ducks too :o)

Challenge 277, 21/1000 completed

St Paul's Vista

It took us quite a while to find the view of St Paul’s Cathedral from Richmond Park, a view which is protected by law, and by the time we did it had started to get dark and our photo did not come out but we did see the view honest! Here is a photo of the sign to prove we were in the right place!

Challenge 379, 22/1000 completed

View from Richmond

The walk back to the station was at sunset and the view of the River Thames was certainly worth a photo…

A very arduous challenge to finish off the day was to eat some amazing ice cream at Scoop. It was so yummy that we forgot to take any photos to we’ll just have to go back sometime!

Challenge 187, 23/1000 completed



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One Response to “A December afternoon in Richmond Park”

  1. The sign showing where to stand to see St.Pauls must be new. It used to be just a mound of grass and was kept a secret by those who knew. It was pointed out to me about 50 years ago. The view from the top of Richmond Hill was one we saw every day when we lived there. Supposed to be one of the most photgraphed sights in the country.

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