The Wellcome Collection

We haven’t disappeared but we have got a bit behind with our blogging so here’s the start of the catch up…

The week before last we took advantage of the fact that I wasn’t working for once on a Thursday night and took a trip to The Wellcome Collection. It was our first visit to the museum which only opened in 2007. Unlike most free museums it is not government funded but owned by a charity – The Wellcome Trust. It is clear that a lot of money has been spent on the museum and it does look like it has been well spent. Unusually, the exhibitions are also free which is also often not the case with the other large free museums in London.

We spent our time in the current temporary exhibition Identity: Eight rooms, nine lives which was well worth the visit on its own. The exhibition used a number of different means to discuss the ideas behind the concept of identity including personal diaries and fingerprints to gender and sexuality. I think it was a really well curated exhibition and I may go back to revisit some of the rooms before it closes on 6th April 2010.

We then went upstairs and had a quick look around the permanent collection. There were an interesting combination of artifacts from Henry Wellcome’s personal collection and displays exploring contemporary issues relating to health and medicine.

Although Chris is a pharmacist and, in contrast, my knowledge of medicine and biology is very rudimentary we both agreed that the whole collection was very well curated and presented at an appropriate level for adults. Personally I felt that it was refreshing to visit a museum that appeared to be designed for adults without feeling like it was going over my head. No doubt this visit will not be my last and I am looking forward to discovering what their next major exhibition will be.


Challenge 7, 17/1000 completed


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