Catch-up Sunday

So after a week away it was time to catch-up with our London extravaganza. Getting off the train from the North at just before 11pm Saturday, we rushed home to drop off our bags, and caught a packed bus to Shoreditch. And so we headed to the Midnight Matinee, run by the Tristan Bates Theatre, this month on tour at Hoxton Hall.


We didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a really fun night with a number of short acts doing some very different things all round the building. From story telling to comedy, from poetry to installations – they had it all. Midnight Matinee happens on the 3rd Saturday of each month and I’m sure that we’ll return to another one sometime in the not too distant future.

Challenge 633, 9/1000 completed

Although Claire was a bit sleepy after work on Sunday, having not got to bed to 3am, we had a few more things to tick off the list. First stop that evening was food at Canala, a Brazilian cafe just off Seven Dials near Covent Garden.


I had Salted Cod which tasted like fishy crisps – in a good way, and Claire ordered a chorizo and mushroom pie which was basically a huge tortilla. The portion was so big that she got a takeaway box to put the leftovers in so she could have it cold for lunch the following day. The food was pretty good although a bit more expensive than we expected as The Book had talked about the lunchtime prices. It would be a great place to back to for lunch, although it probably gets very busy as it is only small and very popular.

Challenge 510, 10/1000 completed

IMG_2673Afterwards we went for a quick half at The Lamb – a real ale pub next to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where I work. This felt like the sort of pub you could while away a Sunday evening in quite happily with good beer and a relaxed atmosphere. We were both a little sleepy by now though so one drink and a quick photo from outside was all there was time for.

Challenge 986, 11/1000 completed




It seems strange to put this next one in as it is somIMG_2678ething that we both see every day and has become quite normal to us but we do both really like it. Down a little street just off the New Oxford Street end of High Holborn there is a tiled Space Invader (maybe with a baseball cap on). We were meant to go see a similar piece of street art in Shoreditch while we were there, but as this one is 200m from our door we thought this one was much better to mention. To find out more check out

Challenge 232, 12/1000 completed

Chris and Claire


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