On Tuesday evening our friend Keith was staying and he offered to take us out somewhere to eat. Grateful of the offer but not wanting to miss out on ticking off another challenge we consulted The Book.

A quick flick through the food entries we found a nearby one that we fancied and headed to Benito’s Hat on Goodge Street.

Benito's HatWe arrived at what at first looked like just a take away but there were tables at the back. It had a really friendly atmosphere and we sat down and worked through the menu. Quite simple really -choose burritos, tacos or salad then type of meat or roasted veg then toppings. Keith and I went up to the desk to order for all three of us and they made them in front of us. Chris thought we were taking a while to order but was surprised when we came back with the food all ready – but this really was pretty good fast food.

I was in charge of the camera that night so I thought I’d treat you to some action shots. That’s Chris on the left and Keith on the left – very serious eating faces!

Chris at Benito's Hat Keith at Benito's Hat

No photo of me :o) but my burrito was stuffed full of lovely things and for £5 I thought it was pretty good. I would definitely go back there again – maybe for margaritas next time?

Challenge 507, 8/1000 completed



~ by yellowpurplezebra on 12/11/2009.

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