A weekend with my baby brother

imperial war museumWith Mark up for the weekend, I felt under pressure to find things to entertain. So we started with the Imperial War Museum, which has enough war machinery to impress any young man. The museum was packed on this Remembrance weekend with families and squaddies, but it is big enough to still get lost in.

We spent most of our time in the World War One exhibition, with me reading far too much for Mark’s liking (did you know which side Romania and Bulgaria were on and why?). Fantastic though it was, some of the British propaganda was quite disturbing – e.g. a pamphlet describing five reasons women should use to convince their men to enlist. You do come out of the museum feeling patriotic and impressed with the armed forces. Even after the horrors of the Trench experience, you still come away feeling there is something glamorous about war. No wonder there seems like an endless stream of men around the world ready to enlist to whatever cause is best promoted.

Challenge 462, 6/1000

After introducing Mark to the delights of street entertainers of the South Bank, the best being a troupe of break dancers, we headed along to the Tate Modern. Now I know most twenty year olds are not up for ‘Art’, but then most have not been to the Turbine Hall. Suffice to say Mark was wowed by the ginormous big black box that is currently on exhibition. It certainly mucks around with your reliance on your sense of sight. I do love art that you can interact with in a meaningful way.

A little further down the Thames we got to the Clink, an old jail once used for religious and indebted prisoners. the clinkNow this has to be the only disappointing challenge completed so far, well not worth £5 for twenty minutes of poor tourist fare, though maybe it would be brought more to life with a guided tour. With a muddled order of information, occasionally poor spelling, and some boards needing obvious repair it was a bit depressing. The best bit was getting the guide for £2, which if you are interested in the Clink is probably your best way to find out about it. Enough said.

Challenge 465, 7/1000

Claire now met us, as we hit the town. We had got some reasonably priced tickets for the 99 Comedy Club at Leicester Square (if you’re willing to stand, you can get entrance for the comedy and Storm night club for £6), where the three acts and compère were pretty good. The best though was Doc Brown, who’s use of rap was quite hilarious. We will be looking out for him again.

Looking for a place to party the rest of the night away, we headed for the Players Bar, getting a front row perch to be wowed by the resident pianist and singer Sean Pol. It was a great night, I am only sad that we won’t be able to go back for another Saturday night there for a few weeks.



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3 Responses to “A weekend with my baby brother”

  1. Found your blog. Thank you for last weekend. I had a really good weekend. Hope you and claire are ok.

  2. Hey Mark – yes it was a great weekend – must organise for you to come down again soon. As you can see from the above posts, Claire and I have been busy. Lake District was fab. Back to work soon – boo hoo.

  3. I would like to come up again. You haven’t done many of your challenges. Thought you would have done more than that. When are you coming down? Is there anything you would like to do when you come down? Much planned for the weekend?

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