Although it felt like winter was starting to bite, I went and met Claire after one of her Thursday night live concerts at Handel House, and we went forAllies a wander in Mayfair. Claire seems to take it all in her stride (she says this is because she has worked in the Mayfair for 5 years but I think it is because all the uber posh people find her accent a novelty), but I still oggle at the ridiculous wealth and extravagance of this area. For example I can not imagine going into any of the shops along New Bond street, all with numerous shopping assistants and no customers. Intimidating ain’t the half of it.

It is refreshing then to find this serene and accessible statue of the two great Allied leaders of the Second World War. Though generally ignored, I always find the Allies a head turning and motivating work.

Challenge 460, 5/1000

Carrying on with the Paddington BearBronze theme, I went and picked up my brother Mark from Paddington Station tonight. Though not in our book to go and see, I have to recommend this wonderful little statue. Out of the way and unassuming he has to be the cutest bear in the world. I look forward to discovering more hidden wonders in and around London.



~ by lethaniol on 07/11/2009.

One Response to “Bronzes”

  1. Very interesting. I will watch your progress with great interest. Keep it up both of you.

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