Pub and pitta

This evening we went for a pint at the Fitzroy Tavern which is a pub on Charlotte Street, just off Tottenham Court Road.

The Fitzroy Tavern

A little potted history and many pictures on the walls told us that it was originally a coffee shop and built in 1833 and has had many famous patrons over the years including Nina Hamnett and George Orwell. It is now owned by the Samuel Smith Brewery which means a decent pint of cheap beer. Our local is the Princess Louise on High Holborn which is also a Sam Smith’s pub so we’re used to paying sensible prices for a pint in central London! It was a pretty good place to have a midweek drink, with a young and casual clientèle – I suspect it won’t be our last visit there.

Challenge 8, 3/1000

Maoz After that we popped down to Old Compton Street in Soho to get something to eat at Maoz – a vegetarian falafel takeaway place. From the outside it looked quite bland and not too exciting (possibly because it is part of an American chain as I discovered when I looked it up when just now) but the food was really good. For £3.90 each we got a pitta bread with loads of falafel in it and then we could help ourselves to the salad bar to fill up the pitta which included all sorts of lovely fresh things. Seeing as though this is open until the early hours we’ll remember this one for a tasty late night snack. Chris was very proud that he managed to get the lingerie sign in the background of the photo!

Challenge 939, 4/1000



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