1 down, 999 to go

Our first challenge is complete on the first day – but we only made it by the skin of our teeth!

The Champagne Bar at closing timeAfter spending a fun packed day in Derby with friends (hello Rich, Rhona and Alfred) we were on a train due back into London at 11.05pm – not leaving us much time to do anything before the clock struck twelve. We had our fingers crossed that we would get into St Pancras a little bit early so that we could start with what we thought was a fitting first challenge – drinking a glass of champagne at the longest champagne bar in Europe.

Chris was feeling a bit sleepy, grumpy and generally ready for bed when the train arrived at about 10.55pm. We decided we’d give it a go at the bar to see if they would serve us and I did of course ask very nicely! The lovely bar man said that they closed in 1 minute but after I’d asked if we could have just one glass he smiled and poured us a glass each of the house bottle. Chris had a miraculous recovery and we both agreed that it was some fantastic champagne to finish the evening with.BT Tower

To top it all off, on our walk home from the station we saw the BT Tower which was announcing ‘1000 days’ – a count down for the Olympics of course but a pleasing little reminder for us we thought too.

Bring on the next one!


Challenge 793, 1/1000


~ by yellowpurplezebra on 01/11/2009.

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